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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Boulder

Whether it’s dirty carpets, awful pet odors, or grime building up on the hardwood floors or kitchen counters, we’ll take the burden off your shoulders.

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal in Boulder

Our steam cleaning process will remove stains and pet stains, brighten your carpet and upholstery, and freshen your whole house or office.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Boulder

Our thorough hardwood floor cleaning service removes deep-down dirt to restore beautiful hardwood floors and make them shine!

Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning in Boulder

We’ll make your floors and furniture look new again. We use eco-friendly cleaning products that deep clean, while freshening your home.

Tile Cleaning in Boulder

We remove the dirt and grime that accumulates with everyday use while treating the surface to keep the clean lasting longer.

Flatirons Carpet & Hardwood Cleaning Services, Boulder, CO offers you a comprehensive solution for your home’s cleanliness. Our steam cleaning process reaches the deepest layers of your carpet and removes dirt and stains leaving them fresh and clean. We tidy your upholstery up to keep your furniture in top shape. You can also say goodbye to pet stains and odor as well after the cleanup because we leave no stain or stench behind. Our floor cleaners penetrate the layers of dust and grime on your hardwood and tile floors to return their gloss. We understand how sensitive your children and pets are and use eco-friendly processes with non-toxic chemicals to protect them. Our services extend to vacation and renting properties as well so that you won’t hear any complaints about cleanliness from your guests.


Did your pipeline crack and drench your interior? While plumbers can replace the pipes, they can’t help you with your floor and furniture. If you don’t act soon, you invite mold, rusting and other problems. Call us to prevent further damage to your interior. We perform water damage restoration in Boulder and other areas to restore your carpets, floor and furniture. After the restoration, you don’t need to throw away your expensive cashmere carpet because it will be as good as new. We understand that every second we wait can cost you money, so we arrive ASAP and complete the restoration in no time. With our prompt service, you can return to your daily routine without hassle.

Why Choose Us?

We Do It All

Whether it’s dirty carpets, awful pet odors, or grime building up on the hardwood floors or kitchen counters, we’ll take the burden off your shoulders.

We Are Professionals

Flatirons Carpet and Hardwood can get your space smelling better and looking cleaner with our wide range of professional cleaning services.

We Are Reputable

We arrive fully prepared with modern and energy efficient equipment that allows the quickest drying time. You have nothing to lose but dirt, odors, and spots!

We Keep It Green

Our anti-allergen plant based products neutralize most airborne allergens. By using eco-friendly green products, we are able to provide an excellent clean without using chemicals.

We Are Certified

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification certified Flatirons Carpet and Hardwood. As part of our certification, we attend trainings that teach the newest cleaning techniques and provide information on the newest cleaning products.

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