An Outdoor Lover’s Guide to a Clean Home

An Outdoor Lover’s Guide to a Clean Home

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Would you rather spend your weekend hiking than lounging on the couch? If your answer is yes, you probably also understand how easy it is to track dirt into your home after a long day outside. Sure, you can just leave your hiking boots outside of your door, but what about your clothing? It would be a little trickier to take that off outside your home! Let’s take a look at some simple ways you can keep your home clean and take your hike too. 

Shoes-Off Rule 

Perhaps the easiest way to maintain a clean home is by establishing a shoes-off rule. This isn’t always easy, as some homes don’t have a laundry room or garage by the home entry. But even if you just designate an area to build a shoe rack by the front door, you will see a dramatic difference in the cleanliness of your floors.

Shower, Shower, and (We Cannot Emphasize This Enough) Shower! 

It’s not just your shoes that get dirty; your clothes pick up just as much dirt as well. Whereas your dirty clothes have less contact with the floor, debris can still fall off and float all over your home. If you can, take a shower before lying on anything in the house, especially if you spent a good amount of time outdoors. 

Clean Paws 

Enjoying nature is always more fun when you can bring your furry friend. But if you thought that you got dirty, your pet most likely got even dirtier. Make sure that you bring a clean towel and some waterless shampoo with you to wipe off your pup after your day out. You can also keep a towel by your front door to wipe your dog down once more before his paws hit the floor. 

Throw Rugs & Door Mats 

By keeping a throw rug and doormat at your home entry, you can capture some of the dirt and mud that attaches to your shoes. Between a mat on the outside and a rug on the inside, most people will be able to get any dirt residue off before their shoes hit the floor. For your outdoor mat, a hard bristled top is recommended with a rubber bottom to prevent the mat from moving. For your indoor rug, a rubber backed bottom is also recommended to prevent slippage. 

Floor Maintenance 

Maintaining your floors, regardless of whether they’re tile, hardwood or carpet, is imperative to keeping dirt out of your home. However, this is easier said than done. Sometimes it can feel like you’re vacuuming every other day and there’s still apparent dirt on your floors. The truth is, most vacuums bought at the store have a hard time sucking everything up. This is where professional cleaning services can help. Boulder cleaning services, such as Flatirons Carpet & Hardwood, have all of the professional tools and machines needed to thoroughly clean your floors, ensuring that not one speck of dirt is left behind. 

Keeping your house clean as an adventure seeker can definitely be a challenge, but luckily you don’t have to do it alone. Flatirons Carpet & Hardwood is Boulder’s go-to for floor cleaning services. If you’re looking for a cleaning service in Boulder, contact us at 303-443-0318.