How Often Should You Have Your Floors Professionally Cleaned

How Often Should You Have Your Floors Professionally Cleaned

The floors of your home or office take a beating. They also tend to be some of the grimiest and germiest surfaces in your entire space. Regular, deep and professional cleaning of your floors provides many benefits. To find out for yourself, you should find a floor cleaning service in Boulder to experience the difference. 

The professional cleaning shine 

Whether your space has carpet, tile flooring or hardwood floors, a professional clean can breathe new life into it. Highly trafficked areas can often be dull and dirty while edges and corners can maintain a pristine shine. A professional cleaning company will clean the surface so well that you won’t be able to identify the highly trafficked areas from the edges.   

Protection for flooring materials

A deep cleaning also goes a long way to protect your flooring materials. Spills, sticky messes, dirt and debris can get ground into flooring over time, and harsh chemicals and ingredients can dull finishes and erode the sealing on your floors. A professional floor cleaning service in Boulder will know exactly what cleaners are safe for floor types, especially sensitive hardwood floors. Regular cleaning can also remove set in stains and dirt for a healthier space and a cleaner clean.     

Eliminate trapped germs and allergens

A university study just a few years back explained to the world that more than 40,000 bacteria can be found on the souls of your shoes. What’s more, a large majority of those bacteria transfer from your shoe to the floor surface as soon as you step inside. Regular, professional floor cleaning can eliminate trapped germs, bacteria and allergens and provide a healthier environment in which you can live and work.

How often is ideal

So how often should you call in the big guns and have your floors professionally cleaned? Especially with carpet, and proven to extend the life of this flooring surface, an annual deep, professional cleaning is recommended. You might consider supplementing lighter cleaning methods for tile or hardwood floors, with a deeper, professional clean a few times each year.  

How to find dependable cleaning services

To find dependable floor cleaning services in Boulder, you should start by asking around. Ask friends, family members and coworkers for recommendations on a cleaning service. You should also check online for companies in your area that do this kind of work. Be sure to read online reviews and testimonials carefully, and remember that many consumers consider these reviews to be great predictors of company performance.