Importance of Hiring a Green Carpet Cleaning Service

Importance of Hiring a Green Carpet Cleaning Service

For homeowners who have carpet in their house, they know the importance of routine maintenance and cleaning. While vacuuming works just fine to clean surface level dirt, grime and pet hair from your carpet, a vacuum cannot get everything out of your carpet. That is why hiring the services of a professional carpet cleaner is necessary.

Not all carpet cleaning services provide the same service or use the same quality of cleaning supplies. The quality of cleaning supplies used by a cleaning service can have a major impact on your carpet and home. Hiring a green carpet cleaning service in Boulder provides many benefits to your carpet and your home.

Extends Carpet Life

Green carpet cleaners use organic and natural cleaning products instead of chemical-ridden ones. While regular cleaning supplies can get stains out of carpets and clean them, you might be doing damage to the interior fibers of your carpet or rug. Regular cleaning supplies use harsh toxins in their cleaning supplies, and extended use can corrode the color, texture and binding materials of your carpet. Green carpet cleaning, however, does not use these toxins and therefore clean your carpet without destroying it.

Dries Faster

The first question you typically ask a carpet cleaning company is ‘how long is this going to take?’ You don’t want to be banned from your home for hours because your carpet is taking forever to dry. Green carpet cleaners actually take less time to dry than regular cleaners. Regular carpet cleaning supplied need a lot more water to help wash out all the chemicals used. Since green carpet cleaners do not use toxins, the cleaners do not need to use as much water. Less water means a faster drying time!


Believe it or not, but green carpet cleaning can actually be less expensive than regular carpet cleaning. Regular carpet cleaning cannot cover as much square footage as green carpet cleaners in the same timeframe. The products needed for a green carpet cleaning are much less complex and therefore can be easily applied to a larger area. This means you do not need to hire green carpet cleaners to come back the next day to finish the job, which saves you money.

Cleaner Air

Carpets trap dust, bacteria and other allergens in its fibers and then slowly release them into the air. If you choose to go with a regular cleaning company, instead of inhaling allergens you will be inhaling leftover chemicals from the cleaning supplies. These toxins can cause just as many respiratory problems as if you never cleaned your carpet at all. Since green carpet cleaning uses natural and non-toxic ingredients you are eliminating the allergens trapped in your carpet without using toxic chemicals. Green cleaning supplies also do not smell as potent as regular cleaning supplies. The best thing about using green cleaning supplies is they won’t leave your house smelling like Clorox wipes for days!

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