Child and Pet-Friendly Cleaning Services

Busy lives and busy families can make for dirty carpets, rugs, tile, and upholstery. Here at Flatirons Carpet and Hardwood in Boulder, CO, we not only offer the most thorough deep-clean , but we ensure the carpet cleaners we use are safe for your family, children, and pets.


We use only green, eco-friendly, pet friendly carpet cleaners that never leave a toxic chemical residue in your home, which makes it safe for your pet to sniff, smell, and roll around on – although, we’d recommend waiting for the carpet to be dry first. If you are looking to avoid chemicals, or are chemically sensitive, our plant-based, soap-free, pet friendly products offer a deep clean that neutralizes allergens, while eliminating odors from all of your carpets, furniture, and fabrics.


Our pet friendly carpet cleaners, such as Master Blend products and Adco Pro Products, are used in all of our cleaning services.


Contact Flatirons Carpet and Hardwood in Boulder, CO, for more information and to schedule a cleaning service: (720) 715-8390.


“You love your pets, we love their issues.”