Water Damage Restoration

Flatirons Carpet and Hardwood offers professional water and flood damage restoration and clean up in Boulder, CO. We will help clean up and restore your carpets and floors.

Water and flood damage can be not only costly, but if not cleaned promptly can lead to bacteria, germs and mold growth. When cleaned up quickly, your floors and carpets can be restored to fresh and clean again. Water damage carpet cleaning can save your carpets and save you the cost of replacing them.

Our water damage repair includes extracting the water from your carpets and floors, then using our top quality eco-friendly cleaning products to clean and remove odors. Your carpets and floors just might look better than before when we are done!

If you had damage to couches, chairs or other upholstery, we also offer cleaning for fabrics and upholstery too.


We offer free estimates because we know water damage can be extensive and you want to know how much the cleaning will cost before a job begins. Contact Flatirons Carpet and Hardwood today: (720) 715-8390.