Top Reasons to Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Top Reasons to Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

With spring fast approaching, many homeowners and building managers are adding professional carpet cleaning to their spring cleaning to-do lists. While you might think this is something you can do on your own, there are many benefits to getting your carpet professionally cleaned.

Clean Carpet, Clean Air

Over time carpet fibers can absorb and trap different bacteria, dust particles and allergens that can then be released into the very air you are breathing. While vacuuming can keep the surface of the carpet clean, only professional cleaning services are able to extract the dirt buildup embedded deep within the fibers of the carpet. If you leave these pollutants unattended they can lead to poor air quality within your home and eventually cause health issues, such as asthma, especially in young children.

Keep Your Carpet Longer

Ensuring your carpet goes through regular cleaning and deep sanitation will increase the longevity of your carpet. It is recommended to get a professional carpet cleaning every 6 to 18 months, depending on frequency of use, to keep your carpet fresh and dust mite free. Many homeowners are unaware that microscopic dust mites have found a home in the fibers of their carpet and professional carpet cleaners are the only ones who have the tools to eliminate those pests from your home. Additionally, it is important to regularly schedule a carpet cleaning service for regions with high snowfall such a Boulder, Colorado due to the possibility of mold growth. If snow is constantly being tracked into your home’s carpet, the likelihood of mold developing under the surface of your carpet increases. By sticking to a routine professional carpet cleaning service in Boulder you can help prevent a mold infestation.

Say Goodbye to Those Spots and Stains

Have you ever moved out of a home or feng shuied your furniture to find a very visible discolored footpath in your carpet? Well, scheduling a regular carpet cleaning can help prevent this from happening. While vacuums and spot cleaning products are a great way to clean the surface of and little accidents on your carpet, only a professional carpet cleaning service can purge your carpet of these traffic lanes. These traffic lanes are caused by dirt being dragged into your home in high occupancy areas such as your living room, kitchen and hallways. Professional carpet cleaners have the ability to remove ingrained dirt and slow down the appearance of ‘traffic lanes’.

Odor Elimination

As mentioned earlier, carpets tend to trap dirt that leaves an obvious smell. Because of the nature of the carpet’s fibers these smells are the hardest to remove. Homeowners with pets might already be aware of the certain odors that are easily embedded within the carpet and cannot be removed without professional help. Carpet cleaning services have the technology and products to remove even the most stubborn and potent odors from your carpet, leaving your home smelling clean instead of like a litter box.

Maintenance Means More

Keeping your carpet clean on a consistent basis makes it easier to clean and maintain in the long run. Not only does it improve the overall appearance of your home is also makes it easier to get out pesky accident stains. Most of the pollutants that hinder the aesthetics of your carpet consist of dry soil. However, if your carpet is kept thoroughly clean, a vacuum can easily pick up the dry soil rather than being driven deeper into the carpet fibers.  

Focusing on maintaining your carpet not only brings the benefits of a healthier home but also prevents a costly carpet replacement. If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning service in Boulder, Colorado you might want to consider Flatirons Carpet and Hardwood Cleaning.